General FAQ
1. How do I get started with the Praisindo Recruitment?

The following flowchart illustrates the different options and flow in the Praisindo Recruitment:

2. How do I apply for a position and submit my resume?

To apply for a position listed in the available position, click on the desired Job Position at the Job Listings Page and then click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the Vacancy Details Page.

3. What are the system requirements of the Career Portal?

The Career Portal is best supported using Firefox 4.0 & above, on Windows Platform. You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox from Mozilla.

If you are using browsers Internet Explorer 6.0, please upgrade Internet Explorer version. You can download the latest Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

4. What are the required internet browser settings of the Career Portal?

Internet Browser must be Internet Explorer 8.0 & above. You can download the latest Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

  • All Pop-up Blockers are DISABLED. This includes Pop-up Blockers provided by Google Toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar etc.
  • Cookies are ENABLED and allow SESSION COOKIES; and
  • Active Scripting is ENABLED.
1. How do I register Praisindo career?

Click register link in form login at home page.

Or click register link at myapraisindocareer page.


Fill Email Address And Image Security.

The acknowledgement page will be displayed, and at the same time you will also receive an acknowledgement email in your Inbox.


Click the activation link from your email.


Fill brief information.

Then click sign up.


Fill Education Information information, then choose for previous employer information.

if choosing experience will displayed.

fill last employer information then click next step.

The acknowledgement page will be displayed. Now you can login to Praisindo career.

1. How do I update my resume.

Please Login from login from or myPraisindo career menu.

Check your data percentage.


click my resume then update resume or edit resume.

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